The inception of Electronic Health Records coupled with support provided by the government has led to a gargantuan increase in the popularity and usage of such technologies. Innovative technologies such as the EHRs have brought about the emergence of better quality software, that caters to the physician’s every whim.

While this is great for market dynamics, including the increasing demand and supply of the software, it is tough for physicians since it gets harder for them to find the ideal vendor and/or software for their practices.

The first step for physicians hunting Optometry specific EHRs is to start researching for specialty-specific EHRs that cater to specific specialties such as Optometry. This will substantially reduce the EHRs which would have otherwise the physician’s time while short-listing the software.

A new field, pain management refers to the treatment of different types of pain, in different locations and settings such as chronic interventional pain management, hospital-based pain management, office-based chronic pain management, acute pain management, and multi-specialty pain management etc.

The field of pain management usually deals with determining ongoing therapeutic regimens for every patient, which refers to a plan for treating diseases, which can involve care providers, patients, and other staff who have a direct relationship or interest in the treatment. In short, pain management refers to the treatment plan subscribed by the respective care provider. Therefore, it is imperative that the EHR software is able to analyze and process patient health information to determine the optimal treatment plan for the foreseeable future, which the care provider can use to formulate the best possible care. It is also important for a pain management EHRs to have a proper database of drugs, along with the options of electronic prescriptions.