With the boom in healthcare technology, many companies or vendors have entered the market to provide more effective methods for physicians to provide quality healthcare. Therefore, the increase in technology has changed the shape of the healthcare industry.

The surge in vendors developing modern technologies has increased dramatically, making it increasingly harder for physicians and practices to find the right software for their practice and specialty.

For physicians specializing in Ophthalmology, the first step to take is to start looking for software that is specialty specific. In this case, physicians should be on the lookout for Ophthalmology specific EHR that specifically caters to the workflows of physicians who treat patients with visual and ocular ailments.

Ophthalmology-specific EHR is geared to manage and treat ocular illnesses. Ophthalmologists use a wide range of devices such as automated refractors, visual field machines, digital cameras and keratometers etc. to determine and treat illnesses related to eye.

Ophthalmology EHRs therefore, should assist note taking through automated processes such as with tablet computers, touch screen monitors and keyboards, and through integrated voice recogniti0on software. Also, since a lot of Ophthalmologists are retailers for contact lenses and eye-glasses, the software should include point-of-sale systems so that Ophthalmologists can sell them to their patients.