In this ever changing world doctors and nurses need to rely on the emergency medicine Electronic Health Records to help them stream line their work. There are number of specific issues related to emergency medicine that must be addressed by the emergency medicine EHR features and design in order to be successful.


Some specific features of Emergency Medicine EHR.

• Allergy response alerts
• Interface design giving allows paramedics and ambulance services to access medical records
• Risk management assessment
• Reporting system for supplementary services
• Patient tracking system to observe patient care
• Integration with ECG and EKG

These are some of the many features of emergency medicine EHR; there are several other options available for emergency medicine EHRs. Additional features such as pediatrics, outpatient services and special alerts can be use to make the workflow efficient and easy to manage.
Some of the commonly used emergency medicine templates to address the issues include:

• Chest pain
• Fracture
• Labor delivery
• Trauma
• Discharge

The software is designed in such a way that it allows seamless transition from one procedure to another without interrupting the workflow. A correctly selected EHR for emergency medicine can help eliminate the human error and perform a high level of accuracy.