With the advent in modern healthcare practices, the emergence of specialty specific Electronic Health Records (EHRs) has led to thousands of vendors making innovative EMR/EHR software and selling them in the market. With so many choices around, it becomes increasingly tough for Dermatologists to find the best possible software solution for their practices.

This article is aimed at guiding those Dermatologists who are having a difficult time finding the ideal solution for their practice. It will act as a document that gets them on the track from the word ‘go’’.

The first thing you as a physician will need to consider prior to finding your ideal dermatology EHR Software is to start looking for specialty-specific EHRs. Specialty-specific EHRs are catered to and developed for specific specialties such as Dermatology. Since the software will be Dermatology specific, it will be customized to include features and components that are used in the treatment of skin conditions. Also, given that lab tests are a daily routine for dermatologists, the EHR will have to have the capacity to constantly exchange, access and analyze data with laboratories. Since dermatologists use visual multimedia such as pictures and scans, whether they are the ones who took them or they were captured by other specialists, the EHR software should be able to access and utilize such images which come in respected various formats from the devices they are taken from.

The advent in modern wireless technologies has allowed Dermatologists to use hand-held equipment such as tablets to show visual data to their patients as they visit them. EHRs hence also have the capability of directly transferring this visual data on to devices such as tablets, laptops and smart-phones. Hence, this capability is crucial in an EHR since it will only grow in usage as time progresses.

According to our research, one vendor that is certified with ONC-ATCB, is HIPAA compliant and packs all the features that a Dermatologist needs, is CureMD. Do take a look at their award-winning software.