The increasing demand of adopting the Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records are forcing the cardiologists and their billing staff to use specialty specific EHRs. Without having an EHR Software it gets difficult for cardiologists to deal with procedures and billing codes, to bill the procedures in a timely manner and to resubmit the claims. Adopting an EHR System would help cardiologists receive incentives from government.
Cardiologists need to be careful when looking for an EHR/EMR Software; it should meet the specific needs and requirements of cardiologists.

Some of the features to look out for in a cardiologist based EHR.

• Must contain cardiology specific ICD/CPT codes
• Lab interfaces
• Drug database specific to cardiology
• ECG/EKG software integration
• It should contain cardiology specific templates such as cardiac exam templates, pacemaker templates, hypertension templates, cardiology SOAP note templates, cardiology referral letter templates and many more.

The more customized the cardiologist software is to the needs and requirements of a cardiology practice. The less amount of training is needed for EHR Software. Customized Cardiology EHR Software help ease down the issue of migration between paper workflows and the integrated Cardiology EHR and billing software.