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I am a health IT consultant by profession and frequently write about different blogs and websites. I have served as a health IT trainer, implemented many EHR, Practice Management and Medical Billing Softwares. Trained the practice staff and physicians. I consider myself as an energetic self starter with excellent team development, negotiation skills and conflict resolution.

Cost of an EHR/EMR system

Buying an electronic health record system and installing it into your practice can be costly. But the benefits received from implementing an EHR system can be tremendous and worth the investment made and can help your practice save money in the long run. Apart from the costs of EHR/EMR there are other costs such as hardware, training, maintenance and […]

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Are You Ready for a Meaningful Use Stage 2 ?

According to Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), around 3500 optometrists have attested for Electronic Health Records (EHR) incentives. In the coming years the incentives will decline and penalty be put on those practitioners who fail to attest to Meaningful Use for EHRs. The biggest question in everyone’s mind is that are you ready for Meaningful Use Stage […]

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5 Steps to buy the right EHR/PM software

After the announcement of the Meaningful Use incentives, many physicians have made switch to EHR solutions. But not everyone has made the shift; there are still those who have to replace their current software’s.
You might be one of those physicians who want to buy new EHR software. But be aware that not to focus only on Meaningful Use attestation. […]

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Discontent among nephrology, urology and ophthalmology practices leads to EHR replacement

Practices and providers are continuing to change their EHR system at an overwhelming pace. Recent guess suggests that between 30% and 50% of the current EHR sales are done in order to replace the existing EHR systems. Looking at the national healthcare one can clearly see that, incorporated networks, both large and small medical practices and academic institutions. All […]

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5 Must do reasons for EHR Implementation and the 5 steps to a Successful Preparation

Previously in May 2013, Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), announced that it has fulfilled its end of year goal for EHR adoption between providers. According to Sebelius more than half of the practicing physicians have received the Medicare or Medicaid incentive payments as an outcome of successfully adopting and achieving Meaning Use […]

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CMS says EHR Incentive Payments expand to over $19 billion

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has revealed that it has reimbursed more than $19 billion in incentive payments so far.
According to the CMS, the total incentive payments at the end of 2013 amounted to $19.2 billion, with 440,998 registered providers taking part in the federal electronic health record incentive program.
According to Robert Anthony, Deputy Director at […]

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Dermatology EHR Reviews

A dermatology office is an intricate place to handle. A range of different paperless intelligent medical software are designed to provide customization and flexibility to the needs of a specific dermatology practice, allowing drastic improvements to the workflows. EHR for Dermatologists are tailored for the specific needs of dermatologists’, it minimizes the cost, streamlines the business, handles patient and […]

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The way EHRs are influencing Oncology Practice: Enhancing the worth of Cancer Care

Extensive acceptance of information technology is regarded as a path to improving healthcare and achieving highly recommended goals. Achieving these goals require new techniques to system health design that includes continuous improvement of the relationships between the physicians and the patients. Also the tools that are required in getting the right information and tools for the patient that allow […]

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Barriers to EHR Realization

After talking with substantial number of Marketing officers, planners and policy makers, we compiled a list of barriers faced during the implementation of EHRs.
1. Ease of Access- products are difficult to use and are not engineered to the workflow of the physicians work.
2. Politics-every organization and company have people and administrators who oppose the use of EHRs.
3. Loss of […]

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Electronic health records have taken a long time in evolving the US health care system onto an electronic stage. As of 2013 most of the practicing physicians and hospitals have implemented electronic health records in their practices.

As was the case with paper before in the same way EHRs have kept their solid nature of storing health care data and […]

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